paediatric Treatment by Suzie Ankers


Suzie Ankers works with parents to improve the attachment and relationship between themselves and their child. The intervention is centred around unstructured play in which the child and parent together develop interactions. This allows the child's brain to assimilate new pathways and develop positive experiences. The outcome is a closer bond, an improvement in regulation and less anxiety in both child and parent. 

Sensory Integration / Sensory attachment intervention

Sensory Therapy can help to strengthen attachment, develop skills, enable sensory information to be processed more effectively and help children to focus better. This approach places parents at the centre of all treatment and aims to work on the dynamic interaction between parent and child.


Working with families

The parents are constantly involved with the  Sensory Therapy and present at every session. Suzie Ankers interviews the parents alone so they may talk frankly about their child without distressing them. Her role is to help families to better understand difficulties which drive their child's behaviour. She has trained additionally to work with children who are adopted or fostered and support their carers. This often means working with children who may have experienced trauma or who are highly anxious. Training with parents is never completed in front of the child as this undermines the parent. The sessions are videoed and the Therapist and parents can sit down and watch the videos together. The videoing process is very discreet and Suzie is always keen to point out the positives in parents' interaction.



School support and training

Suzie Ankers works in collaboration with teaching staff and offers training and support to schools. If the parents agree short sessions of video can be used to highlight specific issues to the school. This has been very helpful in recruiting support within the school environment and feedback from teachers is very positive. Suzie also provides support by producing reports that can help with the Statementing process.

Services Provided by Suzie Ankers


Children's assessments

Assessments are typically carried out in an informal and fun environment over a period of four one hour sessions. At the conclusion of the sessions, a detailed report is produced highlighting the child's particular strengths and weaknesses. This report can then be shared by the parents with other people working with their child. Parents are given the option to have

the sessions videoed which allows the Therapist to show rather than tell schools about the difficulties a child is experiencing.